Arabatize Yourself

In the Arabic language there is a word called “استعراب” which means to make either a word or person – Arab.

Like the most of us, I wasn’t fortunate enough to obtain a scholarship to study Arabic and Islam overseas.

I spent a good part of 8 years trying to Arabatize myself struggling through to learn Arabic through various modes that suited my circumstances at that time.

I studied full time, part time, online, offline. Ive studied with teachers from Morocco, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon. I traveled abroad, I studied locally. The road was very tough, I sacrificed much of my time and money, and I made plenty of mistakes along the way.

Although learning the Arabic language (like other Islamic sciences) is a never ending path, I am finally studying the Arabic language in-depth at a university level and also have begun university level studies in Shariah in the Arabic language.

In this series I would like to share with you the collective experiences of those trying to learn this blessed language to help you use your time, effort and money efficiently and effectively inshaAllah.


One thought on “Arabatize Yourself

  1. My comprise list for learning Arabic:

    -Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world, in the western world there is a low supply and high demand for speakers of the Language.
    -You will open opportunities to travel and work.
    -Arabic is a beautiful language; rich, precise and complete.
    -Knowing Arabic will promote intercultural understanding, in addition increase the understanding of one’s own self and culture.
    -It will sharpen your wisdom, memory and cognitive skills, and enable you to express yourself in ways never thought possible.
    -It is a key to some amazing literature and rich cultural heritage which was the cradle of human civilization.

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