Why we should learn Arabic

It Is The Language Of The Qur’an

Allah subhaanahu wa taala says in the Qur’an “Verily, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’ân in order that you may understand.” (Yusuf : 2). The Qur’an has been sent to us so we may understand it, reflect upon it, ponder over its verses and thinking about its meaning.

Sweetness of Imaan Through Comprehending The Words Of Allah

Abdullah ibnUmar (may Allah be pleased with him) in his time said said:

لقد رأينا اليوم رجالا يُؤتى أحدهم القرآن قبل الإيمان، فيقرأ ما بين فاتحته الى خاتمته ما يدري ما أمره و لا زاجره و لا ما ينبغي ان يوقف عنده منه

Verily we see today men where the Qur’an comes to them before Imaan, so they will read what is between the beginning and end and does not know what it commands him or prohibits him to do nor what is necessary for him to stop doing.

Facilitates Intellectual Independence

We always speak about material independence, and  as Muslims, we need our own hospitals our own schools our own aged care our own child care. We hear, this is a fard kifaayah.

What about our intellectual independence? What about the ability to read and understand what the Quran and sunnah says according to the great scholars of the past? We are living in a time where so many Muslims and even non Muslims and governments are trying to tell us what our Islam should be. What about this intellectual independence where one is able to directly read what Ibn Alabbas said about particular ayaah, or what imam Shafei said about fiqh al akbar or what imam Abu haneefah said (may Allah be pleased with them all)? What did they write? Not waiting for the next translation.
This lack of intellectual independence should be a serious concern for us in the west as everyone puts their own definition on their brand on Islam.

Imam Shafei (may Allah have mercy on him) once said:

ما جَهِلَ الناسُ, و لا اختلفوا الا لتركهم لسانَ العرب

The people are not ignorant nor differ except for them leaving the tongue of the Arabs.

A Reality Check
We often here the comment, such and such a person has been in this country for 20 or 30 years and they will have trouble speaking the language.
This is a very valid point, and similarly, how long have we been Muslim, how many years have we lived under the mercy of Islam, but do not understand a language that is critical to our success in this life and the next?
The irony is, if suddenly a new study comes out and says studies by professors at a university have shown that candidates learning Arabic have a 50% greater chance of obtaining work and are more likely to be paid 30% more than their colleagues you will see the world turn  upside down in Muslims running to learn Arabic. They will take a year of work, study the language intensely, pay excessive fees to learn it.
But when you tell them, you need Arabic to help you understand your way of life better they come with a million excuses.
May Allah guide us, protect us and give Muslims victory across the globe.

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