Funding Your Studies

How to fund your studies should form a major part of developing your Arabic study plan. Your funding dictates where you can study (local or overseas), the mode of your study (part time or full time) or type of study (online or face to face).

Alhumdulillah there are a number of funding paths a student can consider I will split this into 2 categories: 1) Support from others or 2) Self supported

Support from others:

1) Scholarships – Many Arabic institutes and governments across the Muslim world offer scholarship for foreign students to study Arabic and even Islamic Studies degree afterwards. This will be a topic I will write more about later.

2) Raise funds from the community – You can ask your local community to support you after advising them of the benefits of having more Arabic (fusha) teachers in the community. An recent excellent example of this was a program called “Build the Believers”. Details of the program can be found on their website

3) Family and friends support – It is tough for people to ask for money. But I am writing this to advise those of you who have family or friends that have the time to study Arabic, to encourage them to learn this blessed language and you will financially support them. Or perhaps you may have a sibling you will like to support to go and study? Family support is the best!

Self Supported

1) Business – There are a number of people I know who have worked hard to establish their business so it will be a self sustaining operation. With constant income flowing in, they no longer have to spend so much time thinking about making ends meet. This is probably the most difficult of all funding paths and requires significant up front work.

2) Contract work – Work for a set number of months in the year. This is possible for those who can obtain contract work for period of 2-4 months in the year. Coupled with a little family support, I know a brother who studied a complete 2 year Arabic course and 4 years Islamic studies using this funding method.

3) Part time work – Whether in a foreign country or at home, part time work truly allows you to obtain the work-life balance you need at you are no longer consumed in a 5 day work cycle. This frees up much more time for you Islamic pursuits, especially the Arabic language.

4) Full time work – We all know what this means. But even with full time work, you can plan to work a year or two to save up enough to travel. Or you can easily study part time. I worked a few years full time and was studying Arabic part time until I decided it was the right time for me to leave everything to study Arabic full time.

Do you have more ideas? Please feel free to share them with us. JazaakumAllah kheira


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