A 63 year old learnt Arabic in 2 years

My dear friend (https://www.facebook.com/isa.graham.AU) once met a man in Indonesia who started to learn Arabic at the age of 60 and by the ripe age of 63 he was reading some difficult Arabic texts.

Not only that, he was a very busy man. He was still working full time and also a member of jamaah tabligh who regularly went for khurooj.
How did he do it?
1) he asked Allah for it and made plenty of dua
2) he was always optimistic
3) we was regularly at the mosque
4) he had a teacher he spent 2 hours a week with and he would work very hard outside of class revising
His cirriculum?
– Classical style. He started sitting with the teacher and they would name objects and he would build his vocabulary up that way
– Then he finally moved to riyaad alsaliheen
The book he was reading at the time my friend met him? “Under the shade of the Quran” A modern masterpiece written by Syed Qutb well known for its complex language and sentence structures even to native Arabs.
Key lessons from the story:
1) Importance of Ikhlaas (sincerity)
2) Never too old nor busy to start learning Arabic
3) Importance of having a teacher
4) Arabic can be learnt in a non Arabic speaking country
5) Do not have to pay excessive tuition fees to study Arabic
6) Importance of constant effort, revision and focus from the student
What is holding you back?
Have more points to add? We’ll love for you to share them.

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