Pratical tips on choosing an Islamic teacher

Screenshot (483)Many Muslims in the west argue that we as Muslims can take the good and leave the evil, but I would argue that as new Muslims or reborn Muslims and from my experience as a new Muslim we are very much over rating our ability to be able to distinguish what individuals are on the truth, or what individual is not suitable for us to take knowledge from.

What I have noticed with many successful teachers is their amazing combination of Islamic knowledge, experience, wisdom, manners and their true love for their students. I will tackle each of these points separately throughout this article. Before that I would like to make clear that my definition of success of a teacher is not with just the sheer volume of students they have managed to lecture to over the years but rather a teachers success, to me, is when you observe the true students of this teacher, how do they measure up in terms of their Islamic knowledge, their contribution to the Islamic community, their students reputation within the community, and the type of contribution they have made to the Islamic community.  What I’m saying here is, what is the teachers ability to truly make a genuine impact on raising and developing the community by their presence and their ability to develop a new generation of Muslims to bring the Ummah forward for the good.


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